More great stuff from Apprising Ministries:

"Must be something in the air today because it sure seems some megapastors in the Purpose Driven/Seeker Driven (PD/SD) section of the Druckerite camp are whining about their “critics.” FYI, a critic may be defined as anyone who would dare disagree with one of their vision-casting direct revelations allegedly from God Himself.

Today Steven Furtick, a disciple of his friend Perry Noble and one of the Popes of the Carolinas who also thinks Word Faith preacher Joel Osteen is “a great man of God,” tweeted:

Any old critic can CHALLENGE the way things are. The real question is: do you have the COURAGE to CHANGE it? (Online source, caps his)

This was quickly retweeted by PD/SD pastor Scott Hodge, whom you may remember from the Apprising Ministries article Scott Hodge Shares His Love For Julian Of Norwich where he shares his “Protestant” love for that long deceased apostate (at best) Roman Catholic mystic. And Hodge even found time today to tweet a quote from the heretical Emerging Church guru Brian McLaren: ..."

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