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More great stuff from Apprising Ministries:

"Must be something in the air today because it sure seems some megapastors in the Purpose Driven/Seeker Driven (PD/SD) section of the Druckerite camp are whining about their “critics.” FYI, a critic may be defined as anyone who would dare disagree with one of their vision-casting direct revelations allegedly from God Himself.

Today Steven Furtick, a disciple of his friend Perry Noble and one of the Popes of the Carolinas who also thinks Word Faith preacher Joel Osteen is “a great man of God,” tweeted:

Any old critic can CHALLENGE the way things are. The real question is: do you have the COURAGE to CHANGE it? (Online source, caps his)

This was quickly retweeted by PD/SD pastor Scott Hodge, whom you may remember from the Apprising Ministries article Scott Hodge Shares His Love For Julian Of Norwich where he shares his “Protestant” love for that long deceased apostate (at best) Roman Catholic mystic. And Hodge even found time today to tweet a quote from the heretical Emerging Church guru Brian McLaren: ..."

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Can You Judge a Church Without Attending?


Great Stuff from Slaughtering the Sheep:

Since we’ve discussed the issue of finding a Bible-believing church recently, I thought this would be a good discussion to have.

Some of Todd Bentley, Rick Joyner, and Mike Bickle’s most staunch supporters claim we can never discern whether a minister or church’s doctrine (or services) are unbiblical if we don’t attend a meeting. They maintain that we have to actually be there and experience it first-hand before we can make any type of judgment as to whether or not it is Biblical.

Well, let’s say just for the sake of argument that you live in Kansas and you are looking for a church. You hear about a church called Oasis Assembly of God in Ulysses, Kansas, so you hop on the Internet and do a quick Google search to see what you can find. You find the pastor’s blog and when you click on it, the first thing you see is the description at the top of the page. It reads: ..."

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An Analysis of John Crowder’s "The New Mystics"


Great Work Over at Apostasy Alert:

"In analyzing a book that promotes itself as a manual on “how to become a part of the supernatural generation,” it must be approached with prayer and humility. The temptation to condemn everything in the book risks trampling upon holy things. John Crowder, in his book “Miracle Workers, Reformers and the New Mystics” mixes the holy with the profane. Discerning between the two, especially in gray areas, is a giant task for any believer to take on.

So this analysis will highlight the spiritual quicksand in the book so that fellow pilgrims won’t fall into the mire, just like the two travelers in the book, “Pilgrim’s Progress” put up a road sign warning others not to go the way leading to the slough of despond.

We must watch out for the schemes of the enemy of our souls and hold fast to the Word of God. God is supernatural and His gifts are not to be rejected. But the counterfeit powers of the spirit of antichrist are also metaphysical but are a snare to our souls leading many into spiritual quicksand.

In the parables of the kingdom of heaven in the 13th chapter of the book of Matthew, Jesus told us ahead of time that the enemy would sow tares among the wheat while men slept. He also told His servants not to gather up the tares lest they uproot the wheat with them, but to wait until the harvest when all things would be revealed.

With that in mind, we can’t say whether the author of “The New Mystics” is a tare or a wheat. Nor can we say with authority what the final resting place is for the mystics he uplifts throughout the book. All we can do is test all things and hold fast to that which is good and reject what is false. Jesus said, “by their fruit you will know them.”

As the return of the Bridegroom nears, the work of the spirit of antichrist is in high gear. The antichrist comes with lying signs and wonders to fool even the elect. Yet at the same time our sovereign God is a God of the miraculous. The Holy Spirit is still working in our day and is our Guide into all truth. The unholy spirit, on the other hand, counterfeits the working of the true Spirit of God, but is worldly and carnal and those attributes can be recognized as unclean. We await the day when that unclean spirit is defeated: ...

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Paul Washer on the Virtuous Woman


Meet President Obama's 'Spiritual Cabinet'


(The sound of my head shaking)...

Near the end of a bumpy first year in office, President Obama readied for a Christmas vacation in Hawaii, but before he left, he called on a group of five ministers for a spiritual recharge.

Like previous prayer calls, this one was more personal than political.

"He certainly does not ask us how we would run the country and what issue to pursue or not pursue," said Bishop Charles Blake of the Los Angeles-based Church of God in Christ, who was on the call.

For 10 minutes, the president and the pastors prayed for peace, an economic recovery, protection for U.S. soldiers, and for Obama to be guided by a wisdom and power beyond himself.

Glimpses into Obama's spiritual life have been rare since he became president. He split with his longtime Chicago pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, after the fiery minister nearly derailed Obama's campaign, and has not joined a church in Washington.

"Having been burned, for lack of a better word, during the campaign and early days of his administration, I would not be surprised that he would be rather discreet about any revelations of his religious life," Blake said.

Still, he Obama continues to champion the role of faith in public life, frequently summoning the spirits of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Protestant theologian Reinhold Niebuhr and even St. Thomas Aquinas to frame his policies in moral terms.

Like previous presidents, Obama regularly seeks the counsel of longtime Washington insiders, including Sojourners founder Jim Wallis, Reform Rabbi David Saperstein and retired Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, to shape decisions about the Iraq war, health care reform and the economy.

But Obama has also turned to a group of fresh--and relatively unfamiliar--faces to manage religious issues in his administration. They are recalibrating America's engagement with Muslims, revamping the White House faith-based office and tending to the president's own soul. A year into Obama's presidency, each of the following seven people has become an essential member of what might be called his "spiritual cabinet."

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Music Can Be Banned Even if it Sounds Religious?


"A public school has banned performance of an instrumental version of "Ave Maria" at its high-school graduation simply because the superintendent fears it might sound religious – and the U.S. Supreme Court is allowing the ban to stand by refusing to hear the case.

Kathryn Nurre, a former student at Henry M. Jackson High School in Everett, Wash., brought the action against Carol Whitehead, superintendent of Everett School District, alleging that she engaged in unjustified censorship of expression.

Nurre, a member of the Jackson High School Wind Ensemble who played alto saxophone, received her high school diploma in June 2006. The group was expected to perform at the graduation ceremony, and 17 students unanimously chose Franz Biebl's "Ave Maria" as their selection.

Their performance would be purely instrumental, with no singing or lyrics.

However, upon learning of the selection, Jackson High School Principal Terry Cheshire contacted District Executive Director Lynn Evans, who in turn contacted Superintendent Whitehead...

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You know, I really wonder if the Constitution is still around there somewhere?


Fundamental Doctrine, Says Who? Part 2


From John MacArthur's GTY Blog

"Does the Bible itself identify specific doctrines as fundamental? Absolutely. Last time we looked at two guidelines: (1) Fundamental Doctrines Come from the Scriptures, and (2) Fundamental Doctrines Are Clear in Scripture. Here are three more…

Fundamental Doctrines Include Everything Essential to Saving Faith

Third, we should consider a doctrine as fundamental if eternal life depends on it. Scripture is full of statements that identify the terms of salvation and the marks of genuine faith. “Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him” (Heb. 11:6). That verse makes faith itself essential to a right relationship with God. It also expressly identifies both the existence and the veracity of God as fundamental articles of the Christian faith.

Elsewhere we are told that eternal life is obtained through the knowledge of the true God and Jesus Christ (John 17:3; 14:6; Acts 4:12). Since Jesus Himself is the true God incarnate (John 8:58; 10:30; 1 John 5:20), the fact of His deity (and by implication, the whole doctrine of the Trinity) is a fundamental article of faith (see 1 John 2:23). Our Lord Himself confirmed this when He said all must honor Him as they honor the Father (John 5:23).

The truths of Jesus’ divine sonship and messiahship are also fundamental articles of faith (John 20:31).

Of course, the bodily resurrection of Christ is a fundamental doctrine, because 1 Corinthians 15:14 tells us, “If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is vain, your faith also is vain.”

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Pastor Prays for the Death of all 219 Democrats Over Obamacare


"As Randy Neugebauer cops to shouting “baby killer” on the House floor, a pastor who ran for VP with Alan Keyes has asked for the death of all 219 Democrats who voted for yesterday’s bill.

Orange Country Pastor Wiley Drake fired off an email to his supporters this morning, telling them that all 219 Democrats have been placed on the “imprecatory prayer list.” “We’ll remember in November and pray Psalms 109 while waiting,” he urged, before listing each offending congressman by name in “Satan’s domain in Washington D.C.”

Psalms 109:8 reads: “May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership” followed by “May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow.”

In recent weeks, Drake has stepped up his calls to stop the health-care bill through the death prayer, offered as part of a morning “Telephonic Imprecatory Prayer Team” conference call.

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Repent Pastor Drake...

Iceland's Eruptions Could Have Global Consequences


REYKJAVIK, Iceland – "Blasts of lava and ash shot out of a volcano in southern Iceland on Monday and small tremors rocked the ground, a surge in activity that raised fears of a larger explosion at the nearby Katla volcano.

Scientists say history has proven that when the Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupts, Katla follows — the only question is how soon. And Katla, located under the massive Myrdalsjokull icecap, threatens disastrous flooding and explosive blasts when it blows.

Saturday's eruption at Eyjafjallajokull (AYA-feeyapla-yurkul) — dormant for nearly 200 years — forced at least 500 people to evacuate. Most have returned to their homes, but authorities were waiting for scientific assessments to determine whether they were safe to stay. Residents of 14 farms nearest to the eruption site were told to stay away.
Several small tremors were felt early Monday, followed by spurts of lava and steam rocketing into the air.

Iceland sits on a large volcanic hot spot in the Atlantic's mid-oceanic ridge. Eruptions, common throughout Iceland's history, are often triggered by seismic activity when the Earth's plates move and when magma from deep underground pushes its way to the surface.

Like earthquakes, predicting the timing of volcanic eruptions is an imprecise science. An eruption at the Katla volcano could be disastrous, however — both for Iceland and other nations.
Iceland's Laki volcano erupted in 1783, freeing gases that turned into smog. The smog floated across the Jet Stream, changing weather patterns. Many died from gas poisoning in the British Isles. Crop production fell in western Europe. Famine spread. Some even linked the eruption, which helped fuel famine, to the French Revolution. Painters in the 18th century illustrated fiery sunsets in their works..."

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When you see things in the world like this, all you have to remember is the sovereignty of God Almighty...

"I Never Made a Sacrifice"


John Piper puts a great post about David Livingstone:

This is a great read ...

"Today is David Livingstone’s birthday. He was born March 19, 1813. He gave his life to serve Christ in the exploration of Africa for the sake of the access of the gospel.  On December 4, 1857, he spoke the sentence that has made the greatest impact on me. It is one of the clearest applications I have seen of Jesus’ words in Mark 10:29-30.

Jesus said, Truly, I say to you, there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or lands, for my sake and for the gospel, who will not receive a hundredfold now in this time, houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and lands, with persecutions, and in the age to come eternal life.

Here is what Livingstone said to the Cambridge students about his “leaving” the benefits of England:..."

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Talk about putting things in perspective...

Hans K. Calls the Pope to Repent


"The BBC reported recently, concerning the recent revelations of more sex abuse in the Roman Catholic Church, "It is like a tsunami." Elke Huemmeler said “About 120 cases had come to light so far in Munich, about 100 of them at a boarding school run by monks.”

Hans Küng, long-time Roman Catholic critic of his own church (whose right to teach theology the church rescinded), has posted a challenge to the Pope. In it he says, “In Germany 86 percent of Roman Catholics charge the church's leadership with insufficient willingness to come to grips with the problem.”

Then he asks and answers these four questions: "

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Does This Remind You of Most People You Know?


Which One of These is Your Jesus?


Brilliant post from Defending. Contending.

"False idols of who Jesus is come in all shades and styles, but there’s nothing that’s created more false idols of who Jesus is than man’s own heart.

Unfortunately, most people have created a “Jesus” of their own liking, fashioned in the recesses of their carnal minds (or created by some religious leader that they’ve submitted their lives and entrusted their souls to) and that’s the “Jesus” they serve and worship.

Ironically, these false idols of “Jesus” bear a striking resemblance to those who created them (and their desires), but very little–if any–resemblance to the Jesus of the Bible.

Since there are so many versions of “Jesus” circulating out there I’ve decided to create this easy to use (but non-exhaustive) resource as a way to help you know which “Jesus” you worship based solely upon what you believe about Him.

If your Jesus . . ."

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Blair Courts Pastor (Hmm...) Rick Warren


Tony Blair is preparing to launch a “faith offensive” across the United States over the next year, after building up relationships with a network of influential religious leaders and faith organisations.

With Afghanistan and Iraq casting a shadow over his popularity at home in Britain, Blair’s focus has increasingly shifted across the Atlantic, to where the nexus of faith and power is immutable and he is feted like a rock star.

According to the annual accounts of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, a UK-based charity that promotes cohesion between the major faiths, the foundation is to develop a US arm that will pursue a host of faith-based projects. The accounts show that his foundation has an impressive – and, in at least one case, controversial – set of faith contacts. Sitting on some £4.5m in funds as of April last year, mostly gathered through donations, it is now well placed to make its voice heard.

The foundation’s advisory council of religious leaders includes Rick Warren, powerful founder of the California-based Saddleback church. It attracts congregations of nearly 20,000 and is reportedly one of the largest in the US. Warren, who has addressed the UN and the World Economic Forum in Davos, has been named one of the “15 world leaders who matter most” and one of the “100 most influential people in the world”...

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And this surprises who?  "Apachtasy" coming soon to a news channel near you! Brings You Street Preaching 1800 Style


"William Taylor was a Methodist in the California Conference in the mid-1800's. Although published in 1867, this article speaks to our generation. Mr. Taylor spoke about cultural refinement, secular education, the negative effects of immigration, the apathy of the churches, and other topics that apply today. The book from which this chapter is taken is called, "Seven Years' Street Preaching in San Francisco, California."

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The Church Militant?


"Most evangelicals don't really think they are at war against false religion and spiritual lies. Just read the books and blogs of the people who talk most about being "missional" and "culturally relevant"—and you might get the impression that friendship with the world is the number one goal of the church. It's not.

It is a grievous sin to be avoided. "Friendship with the world is enmity with God." The church is supposed to be an army waging war against worldly values—not Hollywood's Welcome Wagon..."

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"This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.” [John 3:19-21]

So Called 'Evangelical Christians' (hack,hack) Now Thanking Allah


Last week it was reported that Brian McLaren and other emergent church leaders are celebrating Ramadan with Muslims. WorldnetDaily has an article on this new trend and notes that McLaren is not fasting for the salvation of his Muslim neighbors, but rather to join them in an act of community and solidarity.

Check Out the Sacred Sandwich


The Sacred Sandwich will make you laugh out loud while at the same time provoking deep thought into the battle of Christianity versus the world...

Here is a great picture from their site:

Amazing Stuff at The Sacred Sandwich - Click Here to Check it Out

They know how to roll....

Fundamental Doctrines are in Scripture


When we come as a child dependent upon God and seeking the teaching and trust of Christ we can learn true doctrine from scripture...

Jesus said - "Permit the children to come to Me; do not hinder them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. 15 "Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it at all." 16 And He took them in His arms and began blessing them, laying His hands upon them. (Mark 10:13-16)

Here is a great post from the blog:

"Does the Bible itself identify specific doctrines as fundamental? Indeed it does. In fact, if the strongest words of condemnation in all the New Testament are reserved for false teachers who corrupt the gospel, then the gospel message itself must be acknowledged as a primary point of fundamental doctrine.

But what message will determine the content of our testimony? It’s a choice between divine revelation, and human speculation and opinion; between Scripture alone, and papal hierarchy and church tradition. The two gospels are flatly contradictory and mutually exclusive.

Those considerations determine what message we proclaim and whether that message is the authentic gospel of true Christianity. We are clearly dealing with matters that go to the very heart of the doctrines Scripture identifies as fundamental.

Can we get more specific? Let’s turn to Scripture itself and attempt to lay out some biblical principles for determining which articles of faith are truly essential to authentic Christianity."

Fundamental Doctrines Come from Scripture...

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Three Reasons to Fear God


Great Video posted by the fantastic blog Battle 4 Truth...

Three Reasons to Fear God - Click Here

Obama "Cross" Photo


To all the people who voted for him...

View It Here

God's word says:

 Psalms 146: 3-6
3 Don’t put your confidence in powerful people;

there is no help for you there.

4 When they breathe their last, they return to the earth,

and all their plans die with them.

5 But joyful are those who have the God of Israel as their helper,

whose hope is in the Lord their God.

6 He made heaven and earth,

the sea, and everything in them.

He keeps every promise forever.

Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey - Blahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Check out this video posted by End Times Prophetic Words - Morningstar Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey...

Click Here to Watch


My spirit turns (so does my stomach) every time I see these latter rain, snake oil healers, prophetic whatevers.  They will always get one of these from me:

Be a Man


Boy's Jesus poster sent to Supreme Court


This story gets the "How we roll" award because of the young boy and his family fight for their belief in Jesus...

When kindergartner Antonio Peck made a poster suggesting Jesus was the way to "save the world," little did he know his artwork would spark a 10-year legal battle that has seen six court decisions fire back and forth only to now be sent to the U.S. Supreme Court.

According to the original complaint filed a decade ago, Peck's kindergarten teacher, Susan Weichert, instructed the class to create a poster with cutout pictures illustrating the children's understanding of the environment and asking them to show ways to take care of the earth.

Peck, a student of Catherine McNamara Elementary School in Baldwinsville, N.Y., during the 1999-2000 school year, drew a picture featuring religious figures and the words, "The only way to save the world." ...

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Bible Study Bans Already Starting in America


The city of Gilbert, Ariz., has ordered a group of seven adults to stop gathering for Bible studies in a private home because such meetings are forbidden by the city's zoning codes.
The issue was brought to a head when city officials wrote a letter to a pastor and his wife informing them they had 10 days to quit having the meetings in their private home.

The ban, however, prompted a response from the Alliance Defense Fund, which filed an appeal with the city as the first step in its campaign to overturn a provision it describes as illegal...

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It has only just begun.  Watch your back America.  God will judge this country.  If it were not for all of the true God fearing men and women who live in America now (can't even imagine how it will be without).


Great Post From John Piper's Blog - One Way a Very Public Christian Spoke


On September 13, 1980, Charles Malik gave an address called “The Two Tasks” at the opening of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College. He was the Lebanese Ambassador to the United States. The message was so seminal that in 2006 (his centenary) it was republished with a collection of essays built around it. What strikes us as he stands to speak is the personal dimension and the public scope of his Christian commitment.

I speak to you as a Christian. Jesus Christ is my Lord and God and Savior and Song day and night. I can live without food, without drink, without sleep, without air, but I cannot live without Jesus. Without him I would...

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On Satan’s trail with the world’s most famous exorcist


"Are you afraid of the Devil?” The world’s most famous exorcist levels his gaze at me and then smiles.

“No, it is he who is afraid of me. I work in the name of the Lord. Poor Satan.”
Poor Satan? ...

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((Shaking my head)) 


Israeli troops, Palestinians clash near Jerusalem


From the day David smacked Goliath in the head with that rock...

Religion of Peace - You bet your patch it's not


Suicide Attacker(Murderer)Kills 13 in Pakistan

A regional military commander in Pakistan says a suicide bomber has killed at least 13 people and wounded at least 53 others in northwestern Swat valley. The incident is the third deadly attack in Pakistan this week.

Pakistani police say the attacker was in a rickshaw, and blew himself up at a security checkpoint in the town of Saidu Sharif Saturday. The incident follows coordinated suicide bomb attacks in the eastern city of Lahore that killed at least 55 people Friday morning.

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This happens somewhere just about everyday.  Religion of Peace my Patch!

I pray that Jesus will save these people and bring them to Him.


Sign a Billion Year Contract with the Scientology Labor Force


A former Scientologist who says she was a “child slave” and alleges she saw a six-year-old boy chained up in a ship’s hold is disappointed the Senate has blocked a full inquiry into the religious organisation.

Keryn, 54, grew up in the church and has asked the ABC to identify her only by her first name.
She says she was a victim of “hard labour, mental brutality and separation” on Scientology ships, which were used for the Church’s elite band of followers in the 1960s to 1970s. She is angry the motion for a Scientology probe has been blocked in Parliament.

“Australia is an egalitarian society; Scientology is not egalitarian,” she told ABC News Online.
“There is no protection for workers and no protection for children. It’s the push for the inquiry that has brought me out of the woodwork.”

Keryn says her mother was a founding member of the church and went on to become the CEO of Scientology in South Africa.  “It should be banned; it’s a very dangerous pseudo-religion and corporate enterprise, and it really needs to be looked at very closely,” she said.

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"Apatchtasy" slapped on this one. Coming soon from a 75 trillion year old Thetan near you!



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