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More great stuff from Apprising Ministries:

"Must be something in the air today because it sure seems some megapastors in the Purpose Driven/Seeker Driven (PD/SD) section of the Druckerite camp are whining about their “critics.” FYI, a critic may be defined as anyone who would dare disagree with one of their vision-casting direct revelations allegedly from God Himself.

Today Steven Furtick, a disciple of his friend Perry Noble and one of the Popes of the Carolinas who also thinks Word Faith preacher Joel Osteen is “a great man of God,” tweeted:

Any old critic can CHALLENGE the way things are. The real question is: do you have the COURAGE to CHANGE it? (Online source, caps his)

This was quickly retweeted by PD/SD pastor Scott Hodge, whom you may remember from the Apprising Ministries article Scott Hodge Shares His Love For Julian Of Norwich where he shares his “Protestant” love for that long deceased apostate (at best) Roman Catholic mystic. And Hodge even found time today to tweet a quote from the heretical Emerging Church guru Brian McLaren: ..."

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Can You Judge a Church Without Attending?


Great Stuff from Slaughtering the Sheep:

Since we’ve discussed the issue of finding a Bible-believing church recently, I thought this would be a good discussion to have.

Some of Todd Bentley, Rick Joyner, and Mike Bickle’s most staunch supporters claim we can never discern whether a minister or church’s doctrine (or services) are unbiblical if we don’t attend a meeting. They maintain that we have to actually be there and experience it first-hand before we can make any type of judgment as to whether or not it is Biblical.

Well, let’s say just for the sake of argument that you live in Kansas and you are looking for a church. You hear about a church called Oasis Assembly of God in Ulysses, Kansas, so you hop on the Internet and do a quick Google search to see what you can find. You find the pastor’s blog and when you click on it, the first thing you see is the description at the top of the page. It reads: ..."

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An Analysis of John Crowder’s "The New Mystics"


Great Work Over at Apostasy Alert:

"In analyzing a book that promotes itself as a manual on “how to become a part of the supernatural generation,” it must be approached with prayer and humility. The temptation to condemn everything in the book risks trampling upon holy things. John Crowder, in his book “Miracle Workers, Reformers and the New Mystics” mixes the holy with the profane. Discerning between the two, especially in gray areas, is a giant task for any believer to take on.

So this analysis will highlight the spiritual quicksand in the book so that fellow pilgrims won’t fall into the mire, just like the two travelers in the book, “Pilgrim’s Progress” put up a road sign warning others not to go the way leading to the slough of despond.

We must watch out for the schemes of the enemy of our souls and hold fast to the Word of God. God is supernatural and His gifts are not to be rejected. But the counterfeit powers of the spirit of antichrist are also metaphysical but are a snare to our souls leading many into spiritual quicksand.

In the parables of the kingdom of heaven in the 13th chapter of the book of Matthew, Jesus told us ahead of time that the enemy would sow tares among the wheat while men slept. He also told His servants not to gather up the tares lest they uproot the wheat with them, but to wait until the harvest when all things would be revealed.

With that in mind, we can’t say whether the author of “The New Mystics” is a tare or a wheat. Nor can we say with authority what the final resting place is for the mystics he uplifts throughout the book. All we can do is test all things and hold fast to that which is good and reject what is false. Jesus said, “by their fruit you will know them.”

As the return of the Bridegroom nears, the work of the spirit of antichrist is in high gear. The antichrist comes with lying signs and wonders to fool even the elect. Yet at the same time our sovereign God is a God of the miraculous. The Holy Spirit is still working in our day and is our Guide into all truth. The unholy spirit, on the other hand, counterfeits the working of the true Spirit of God, but is worldly and carnal and those attributes can be recognized as unclean. We await the day when that unclean spirit is defeated: ...

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Paul Washer on the Virtuous Woman



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